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Dini’s and Havaianas a match made in heaven

Dini’s and Havaianas a match made in heaven

Why do we choose Havaianas for our crystal and brass embellishments? Simply…. they’re the best rubber flip-flops money can buy. We call them Dini’s, but lots of people call them jeweled flip flops/sandals/slippers/thongs and shower shoes. Different names depending on where you live in the world, and what decade you were born in. And we love them for their colors and designs, also the rice pattern on the foot bed inspired by Japanese slippers or what they call Zori’s worn by geisha‘s and Japanese warriors throughout the ages.

Then we love the soft yet firm footbed texture and finally the cool smooth finish. There’s nothing like stepping into a fresh new pair of Dini’s.

I remember first seeing Havaianas on the President of Brazil as he was walking through the palace wearing an Armani suit and a black & white pair of Havaianas. It was fresh classy and cool. It was counterintuitive because you wouldn’t think they would go together…… but they did!

Most other -so called - rubber flip-flops are primarily made of foam, plastic, cardboard, and air. They breakdown very quickly. Havaianas are 100% rubber and last! We have customers who have been wearing the same pair for years! (maybe it’s time for a new pair of Dini’s???) We like to call them an affordable luxury.

A big part of Dini’s and what makes us so unique is our emphasis on minimal yet bold embellishment statements. We don’t go for a lot of glitz and ornamentation. We like to find unique symbols that are specific to our customers. some of our embellishments include peace signs, Hamsas, breast cancer awareness ribbons, Native American Navajo beating, crystal hearts and crystal skulls to name a few.

We source most of our embellishments right here in Highland Park California where we live and have our studio. It’s an amazing Casting Place which has been here in Highland Park for over 50 years run by a multigenerational family that takes great pride in their work. they cast our embellishments and then bead them and crystallize them.

That Casting Place. We love them!