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Mission statement

We’d like to Talk about sustainability like so many large, venture capital financed companies.

We’d like to write about our goals of reducing climate change, stopping global warming, and Minimizing our carbon footprint.

But to be honest, our first and foremost mission, like so many other small businesses, is to keep on Truckin’,take care of our families, and provide for our children.

By hand making, one by one, the highest quality product, and by our commitment to the very best personalized customer service we can continue to please you, which will help us grow and thrive.

With our growth and longevity we look forward to contributing more and more resources to our community and to the world.

With that in mind. Our mission is to make every pair of Dini’s with a special attention to detail, and a commitment to you, to do our very best, every day, to ensure a smile when you open up your package and slip on your new favorite pair of Dini’s.