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  • I told my husband that when I die I wanna be buried in my Dini’s‘s

    Liz T

  • If you saw my closet and my huge Dini’s‘ collection you would laugh

    Erika W.

  • I love my Deanie & my Dini’s.

    Fernie F. (Dean’s momma)

  • I get more compliments on my Dini’s‘s than I do on my Gucci‘s.

    John DoeaVictoria V.

  • The thong in most flip-flops have always been a problem for me because they irritate my toes, but I’ve never had a problem with Dini’s‘

    Suzy S

  • My husband laughs because twice a year I take all my Dini’s‘s and I spend half the day washing them. Lol

    Maxine G.